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Human Resources, Safety, DOT, and Workers Comp outsourcing and project work for small and medium sized companies

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We Can Help You Answer Questions Such As:

  • A group of your employees spends too much time bickering and talking about one another.  How should you handle this?
  • A previous employee sent you a certified letter requesting a copy of his personnel file.  Should you send it to him?
  • You don't use an employment application and you find out that someone you hired lied about their background.  How should you deal with it?
  • You're getting ready to fire an employee with an attendance problem.  During the meeting they tell you that they are being treated for chronic depression. Can you still fire her?
  • An employee who has been out sick returns to work with restrictions from his physician.  Do you have to honor them?
  • One of your best employees has a tardiness issue.  Should you deal with it even though you know the employee will be upset?
  • You're trying to be fair with your employees, but the time off issues are getting out of hand. How can you control them and still keep your relaxed culture?
  • How do I know if my DOT records and practices are in compliance?
  • What should I do when one of my employees complains of back pain and says it's from work?
  • Do I need a safety manual?